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Keith Atchinson

Chief Marketing Officer
Keith Atchinson

Keith has over 15 years of experience working with large, global corporations and local medium sized companies on their digital marketing strategy, execution, employee communications and SharePoint Design / Development.

Keith has worked with global companies and brands like Hershey’s, Diageo, Tory Burch, Heineken, Harley-Davidson, Honeywell, Dannon, Philip Morris, Mercedes-Benz, Rite Aid, Cigna Healthcare and Unilever among others. Keith’s primary responsibilities were to develop great relationships with his over 70 clients and to manage their interactive projects and digital marketing campaigns.

Passionate about client relationships, quality of work and building engaging campaigns and communications, Keith’s experience runs the gamete in the digital world. From responsive website development to SharePoint development and design, from social media to mobile app development, from video animation to gamification and everything in between. At ZGM, Keith has managed countless successful digital campaigns that have driven results and engagement our clients.

Is his down time, Keith loves spending time with his wife and two daughters and their two dogs. He is an avid tennis player, golfer and lover of all sports, particularly those activities that his daughters are participating in. He loves watching his Philadelphia Eagles football and North Carolina Tar Heels hoops. Offer him some buffalo wings and a cold beer and he’ll call you a friend for life!