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Foundations of White Hat SEO

white hat seo
18 Jan 2016

When it comes to getting websites at the top of the search results, there is only one proven and effective strategy: white hat SEO. So what is white hat SEO? Essentially, it is optimizing your website for the search engines using honest, ethical techniques that won’t get you penalized by Google. More importantly, white hat SEO strategies keep the end user at the forefront of every task, ensuring they have a pleasant experience with each click on your website.

Through all of our years of offering white hat SEO services, we have narrowed down the often-misunderstood concept down to four rules. That’s it. If you can follow these four white hat SEO strategies, you can finally reach the position on the SERPs you deserve, all while keeping your visitors and the search engines happy.

Offer Amazing Content

The number one rule of white hat SEO is to fill your website with incredible, valuable content. That means that everything you post teaches your reader something, entertains them, or inspires them. You don’t have to do all of those things with every post, but each one should accomplish at least one of them. That also means no keyword stuffing—everything should be easy to read and understand—and that you should never post if the only reason you are posting it is to improve your rankings. Readers, and Google, can tell.

Build Relationships

Next on our list of white hat SEO strategies is to work on building relationships with other website owners. This is especially true when it comes to link building. If you can establish real relationships with leaders in your industry, you will find that getting quality inbound links is not nearly as challenging as you thought it was.

Design with the User in Mind

Remember, a key part of white hat SEO is creating your website with the visitor in mind. Not only is this good for white hat SEO, but it can also greatly reduce bounce rates. Make sure that the technical side of your website runs smoothly, that there are no error messages, and that it is a responsive website design. You also want to ensure that your site is aesthetically pleasing and designed to be user friendly.

Operate with Integrity

With all of our white hat SEO services, we always keep this rule at the top of our minds. If we make decisions with integrity, then we are not only keeping our clients happy, we are working within white hat SEO guidelines. This means no shady strategies, like doorway pages and spammy links. When our clients reach a certain position on the SERPs, they can be proud of it, knowing that it was accomplished with complete integrity and honest white hat SEO strategies.

When you break down white hat SEO strategies into these four categories, it’s pretty simple. Be honest, build relationships, and always think about your visitors, and you will be golden. For more information, or to inquire about our white hat SEO services, contact Zero Gravity Marketing today.