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Michela Solanch

Vice President of Strategy
Michela Solanch

As the Vice President of Strategy, Michela Solanch is a marketing maven who effortlessly intertwines marketing tactics to get her clients unparalleled results. Whether she is meticulously analyzing data to see where there is room for improvement or she is implementing her newest innovative idea, one thing is for sure: Michela lives for creativity in her marketing strategies.

Not only is Michela extremely driven, she operates in a client-centric world. Her clients rave about her incredible ability to take their core ideas and transform them into a marketing strategy that impeccably matches their business goals. Michela uses outside-of-the-box thinking to concoct marketing strategies that catapult her clients above the competition. In Michela’s eyes, there is no such thing as a one-channel marketing campaign: Every brand needs a comprehensive strategy if they want to be successful.

While Michela is motivated by results, she always makes sure to fit in her daily run, enabling her to reignite her brain and make her afternoon just as productive as her morning. Michela approaches every business relationship as a long-term one, and she will always go the extra mile to ensure effective implementation of the strategy at hand.

Michela has a Bachelor of Science degree in both marketing and psychology from Roger Williams University, and her experience as a strategic marketing director is vast. Some of her past clients include Kenneth Cole, Tory Burch, Sperry, and Tommy Bahama, to name a few. Michela naturally balances her drive to get things done with her passion for innovation to provide her clients with the very best marketing strategy for their needs.

As mentioned, Michela loves to run. She can be seen running everywhere from neighborhood streets to the Connecticut coastline. To appease her competitive side outside of the office, Michela is involved in a co-ed volleyball league with her husband. She is also the proud mom of a sweet little boy.