Q: Where are you from?

A: I grew up in a small town called Woodbury CT. It’s the antique capital of the world… but I actually have never been in an antique store in town after living there for 20+ years!

Q: How did you choose this career path?

A: Became involved with FBLA and DECA in high school and never turned back! Love this field so much. My class mate and I actually won first place in the State DECA conference and we went on the CA to present our business/marketing plan where we placed in the top 10%!!

Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: The amazing people I work with. I am so honored to work with some pretty smart (and HILARIOUS) people.

Q: What is your favorite quote?

A: “It’s all about the dash” Although it is a bit morbid, I was at a funeral and the priest’s homily was all about the amazing stuff you do in life (or should do) as when you die, you only have the date in which you were born and then the DASH and the date that you passed and it is only up to YOU to make many memories to make for an AMAZING DASH ☺ Oh, that and “happy wife, happy life” hehe.

Q: Do you have any pets?

A: We have a 6 year old Cavalier King Charles spaniel…a total DIVA DOG.

Q: Do you have any hobbies outside of work?

A: Chase around my adventurous 3.5 year old tornado of a son. I also play coed volleyball in a league with my husband. It’s actually where we met ☺.

Q: What’s your favorite food?

A: I LOVE nachos.

Q: If you were a Crayola crayon, what color would you be?

A: TOTALLY Cotton Candy Pink.

Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

Michela Solanch

As the Chief Strategy Officer, Michela Solanch is a marketing maven who effortlessly intertwines marketing tactics to get her clients unparalleled results. Whether she is meticulously analyzing data to see where there is room for improvement or she is implementing her newest innovative idea, one thing is for sure: Michela lives for creativity in her marketing strategies.

Michela has a Bachelor of Science degree in both marketing and psychology from Roger Williams University, and her experience as a strategic marketing director is vast. Some of her past clients include Kenneth Cole, Tory Burch, Sperry, and Tommy Bahama, to name a few. Michela naturally balances her drive to get things done with her passion for innovation to provide her clients with the very best marketing strategy for their needs.

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