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SEO Reseller Horror Stories

SEO reseller horror stories
25 Jan 2016

If you partner with a reliable SEO reseller, you maintain your agencies brand while wowing clients with incredible SEO expertise and results. But if you aren’t cautious about who you choose as your SEO provider, you could experience one of these SEO reseller horror stories, which can have a big impact on your company’s reputation:

Uses Unethical Tactics

The SEO reseller uses unethical SEO strategies to get results, otherwise known as black hat SEO. The SEO provider most likely will not tell you that they are using some might not even know they are doing it), but behind the scenes they will copy content, purchase links, stuff keywords, and more. The results you get will seem fantastic at first, until Google finds out and your clients’ sites get hit with a penalty.

SEO Reseller Goes Dark

One day, out of the blue, you will try to call or email the SEO reseller and you will never get a response. If they do not have a physical office location, may never find them. They just took your money and ran. Hopefully you never have to experience this SEO reseller horror story, the company going dark.

SEO Reseller Skips Over the Basics

Another SEO reseller horror story includes the reseller skipping over the basics of SEO, such as performing keyword research, installing tracking code, incorporating meta tags, and publishing only unique content. Maybe the SEO reseller is just new to the game and they don’t really know what they are doing, or maybe they are trying to run a fast one by you, but regardless, the basics of SEO should not be ignored.

SEO Reseller Fires You

Just because you are the one that initially hired the SEO reseller, that doesn’t mean they have to keep working for you. At any point they can decide they don’t want to do business with you and you will be back at square one.

SEO Reseller Steals Your Customer

Finally, and perhaps the worst of all, is that the SEO reseller steals your client. Whether you are white labeling the SEO services or collecting a commission, you have earned the business. It’s crucial that you can trust the SEO reseller you work with because some of them will pull a quick one on you, making you think the client is no more, when in reality they are still working with them behind your back to avoid paying your share.


Are you scared yet? Luckily, not all SEO resellers are bad. If you take the time to choose an SEO reseller that has a proven track record, verifiable credentials, and transparency with their strategies, then your relationship should be smooth sailing. At Zero Gravity Marketing, we happen to have all of those requirements, and we would love to help you impress your clients with your SEO expertise.