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Future of SEO and Schema Markup

future of seo and schema markup
03 Sep 2015

When Google changes a search algorithm, restructures, or expands into a new business sector, it can cause an earthquake on the Internet. Search result success equates directly to business success, of course. That means you must keep up. But what if, instead of merely scrambling to respond, you could get an early tip on Google’s future plans? Keeping our ears to the ground helps you grow your business exponentially and stay well ahead of the competition; just where you want and need to be.

New Google Patents: Your Roadmap to Natural Search Success

Today, we’ll share with you what recent news tells us about the future of online commerce. We’ve been watching Google’s recently registered patents—a clear marker of their intended direction and advancements in search technology. Here, you’ll learn where Google search is going and what you must do to prosper in the ever-changing online eco-structure.

Schema Markup: The Future of Online Search, Google-Style

Let’s end some of the frustration you may be feeling about what will happen next on the search engine playing field. We can do this by studying Google’s recently registered patents. One of the most impactful patents that Google has staked out boils down to: answering search queries in richer detail–providing more than just links.

Not surprisingly, Google plans to make use of everything at its disposal to respond to searchers’ questions. Google wants to serve up quick, detailed snippets of targeted information directly. Think of movie listings and showtimes or specific event details you sometimes see at the top of your search result pages. There are many more possible options depending upon your type of business. So what must your company do to be included in the next wave of rich Web search results?

How to Ride the Next Wave of Online Search

Here’s what you must do now to rise to the top in Google’s new search scheme. The first two steps you’re likely already familiar with, and the third step (schema markup) is incredibly important to your online future.

1) Continue rich content creation: As always, create a steady stream of imaginative multimedia content published online. Continue using all formats (text, video, images, infographics, photographs, audio/podcasts) which, taken together, fall into the category of branded rich media. All this published information will work for you.

2) Label with SEO: Make sure all your content is readily accessible to Google (by using the most current SEO best practices and proper tags). Your website content (and other content spread across the Web) paint a rich picture of your business and brand—but you need to ensure that Google notices and serves up all the great content from, and related to, your website.

3) Mark up your Web content with schema: This is the only thing that will get your image, video, or audio content into the important rich search result box at the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).  Schema markup will also help with boosting your search results overall. Examples of schema markup include: a list of upcoming events and dates, movie showtimes, star ratings, recipes–and other unique rich snippets of business/industry-specific data you sometimes see at the top of search result pages. More and more often, you will begin seeing multimedia content included in these top-of-page results.

Like all natural search tactics, schema coding won’t always get you to the top, where searchers get info without even visiting your site. Schema can also help bring you higher on the results page, gaining you more click-throughs. Start today and by asking us to review your website. Are you using schema coding to clearly identify useful information that Google can pull out to provide rich, detailed, multimedia answers about your business to searchers? The earlier you add complete schema markup to your website, the more success you will have!

Your Key To Powerful Schema Markup for SEO

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