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4 SEO Tips for Consumer Brands or Packaged Goods

seo for packaged goods
21 Oct 2016

With massive inventories and web pages, SEO for packaged goods or consumer brands is time consuming; however, it is necessary. Competition is fierce, and you need SEO to get visibility on search engines to survive. While there are several ways to approach SEO for packaged goods, these are our top four SEO tips:

Remember Long-tail Keywords

Keyword research is critical for all SEO for packaged goods and consumer brands, but it’s not about just using the product name. Oftentimes, when people are hunting for a product on Google, they know what they are looking for and they are often searching for the best price. In order to capture this audience, you may want to target keywords like “best price for (your product)” or “ratings for (your product).” Don’t assume your product name is enough to get your product found.

Provide Clear Navigation

If a potential buyer arrives at your site, but they have a hard time locating what they are looking for, they are as good as gone. When it comes to SEO tips, it is critical that you:

  • Have a responsive website so a visitor can navigate your site easily no matter the device
  • Make sure your categories are clearly structured and defined so the customer doesn’t have to work to find what they need
  • Submit a detailed XML sitemap to Google so all of your categories and sub-categories get indexed properly

Capitalize on Structured Data

This is perhaps one of the most time consuming SEO tips for consumer brands, but it is one tip you do not want to skip. The most important structured data for SEO for packaged goods is:

  • Unique meta data for each product page. There is stiff competition on the SERPs, and you want your title tag and meta description to stand out. What would make you click on your link versus the others?
  • ALT tags for every image. The ALT tags on your images and videos (what shows up when the image doesn’t load) are probably the most underutilized tag in SEO for packaged goods and consumer brands. Even though most users won’t actually see the ALT tags, the search engines will, and they can reinforce your keywords.

Create Unique Product Descriptions

One of the biggest mistakes consumer brands make is they copy the original manufacturer’s descriptions and call it a day. This could be seriously detrimental to your site as Google ignores duplicate content. To avoid this, take the time to craft 100% unique product descriptions for each product. Make your consumer goods shine, entice your visitors to make a purchase, and you may greatly improve your odds of reaching page one in Google. If duplicate content is unavoidable, use canonical tags to tell Google which page deserves precedence.


The world of SEO for packaged goods and consumer brands is vast, and there is a lot more to it than these four SEO tips. Customer reviews, social media sharing and integration of a PPC campaign, all play a part in SEO tips for consumer brands. Contact Zero Gravity Marketing now to get a comprehensive SEO evaluation of your site and learn exactly how we can give you the search engine visibility you desire.