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SEO For Dentists

seo for dentists
05 Apr 2016

If your dental office isn’t up to date with the latest SEO techniques, you’re missing out on potential patients and ultimately, business. Here are our top SEO for dentists tips to help put your dental services in the front and center of your new clients’ attention:

Be Mobile Friendly

We’re now in an age of tech, and even our desktops are getting left behind. When searching for dentist offices and dental services, most people are turning to what’s right in their hand: their phones. This means that you should make sure your layout is compatible with every mobile device that exists. Test it out, and ensure that everything you need to find and that you can see on your desktop, is also available on the small screens. All digital marketing professionals will admit just how important it is to be accessible by mobile devices.

Show Up on All Local Maps

When was the last time you saw someone unfolding a paper map and figuring out directions? If anyone is going to find you today, it’s going to be through online citations. Most people use their smartphones to direct them where they need to be, and not only will this be helpful and convenient for current patients, it could bring in more users who are in close proximity and allow them to see you on their map. Maps and search features go hand in hand now, so if someone searches Dentist Offices in Connecticut, not only can they find you, but the phone will take them straight to the front door.

Separate Dental Office Procedures Pages

Rather than listing all of your dental procedures and services on one page, such as whitening, emergency appointments, etc., ensure they are each on their own webpage. By separating these pages, they can each rank for service-related search terms. For example, if someone is looking for “whitening in Connecticut” you have a better chance of showing up if the details of your service are drawn out on their own page. For the best results, use at least 300 words per page. If you’re saying, “300 words? I’m a dentist, not a writer!” contact us, and we’d be happy to help you.

Use Local SEO

It’s great to get noticed all around the web, but someone in another country probably won’t bring in a ton of profit for you. You want to focus on location and make sure you’re using it on your site and in your posts. Make sure it’s very clear by using local phrases such as, “Dental care in Connecticut,” and be as specific as possible.

Have a User-friendly Website Layout

Make sure your webpages are easy to navigate. Users lose attention quickly, so it’s important to make your contact information and phone number obvious at all times. Make it as easy as possible to schedule an appointment or contact the dental office for questions. Getting to your website is one thing, but the rate at which customers actually use your services depends on the access they have.

Join Doctor’s Related Directories

By joining sites like,, or, you become accessible to internet users who are actively searching for information on your specific services. By not registering, you’re missing out on not only regular web surfers who may pass by, but people who really need a dentist! Clients new to the area or interested in switching dentists, may search something like “Dentists in Connecticut”, and if you’re not there, that’s a lost customer. You both benefit from getting potential customers to your site, and the inbound links give a boost.

Get Good Reviews

What better way to prove you have a great business, than by the reinforcement of happy customers? Sites like Google and Yelp provide reviews and citations, so anyone can go on and report on their satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) after using a business. Encourage your clients to write a post if they’re happy with your services. This will not only put your name out in the web on yet another platform, but also ensures quality. Read more about why online reviews are necessary in our blog post, Online Reviews Affect SEO, here.

Launch a PPC Campaign

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is crucial for bringing in results quickly. While it isn’t the same as SEO, the two do go hand in hand and in order to be successful, it’s wise to employ both strategies. PPC campaigns are of the utmost importance in growing your business and gaining traction quickly because of their effectiveness and ability to take control. By using PPC, you can target the demographic you’re seeking to advertise to, choose keywords that will be searched for, and bring your business to the forefront of searches. Our blog post Natural SEO vs. PPC Campaign explains more about PPC, while Know Your PPC Channels reviews many popular websites and media outlets that provide effective PPC advertising. If you don’t feel like reading, please feel comfortable contacting us for more information!

Send Automated Email Reminders

Any excuse to remind patients that you’re around and available should be taken. Email blasts (in moderation) are a great way to get people thinking of visiting the dentist or making a future appointment. You can send birthday emails or some sort of prompt to visit your site and read your blog as well.

Get on Social Media

Social media is necessary for any business these days. You may be saying, what can a dentist possibly post about on social media? But you’d be surprised! Sharing dental related articles, and even just interesting pieces, will draw users to your page. It will remind current clients about your business, allow you to interact with customers, have another platform for reviews, and put your name in front of potential patients. You can gain followers by asking clients to like you on Facebook or follow you on Instagram and Twitter. Many businesses will offer an incentive for this. Here are some excellent social media tips on how to get involved and active.

Contact Zero Gravity Marketing

Overwhelmed by the number and depth of options you have in terms of SEO for dentists? Fear not! Let our team of qualified employees at Zero Gravity Marketing take care of it for you. Located in Connecticut, we’re an industry-leading agency in SEO and provide expert services to help boost your business. With our skills and knowledge combined with your high quality business, we’ll put together creative services that will be sure to bring in more clients and keep the current ones engaged.